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Since its establishment no legal dispute has been initiated to date, nor were any questions brought up about our business practices, methodology of our expert assessments, architectural designs and real estate projects in proving the valuable investment for our customers.


Company was registered primarily for the activities in estimating value of the properties and specialized equipment. Architectural design, construction supervision, real-estate management and consulting services are our primary focus these days. Over the years waste amount of work was carried out in the framework of estimation of real estate, machinery and specialized equipment, and for the purpose of regulating investment loans for a large number of companies from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The company has at all times a considerable number of highly educated experts.

Our clients

Having over twenty years of experience and many satisfied clients from private and government sectors of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other Balkan countries we are now looking to expand our reach and expertise to potential partners all over the world. Down below is a small list of our most satisfied clients.


  • TC Rondo, Mostar
  • Tvornica svijeća "Lumen", Drinovci
  • "Eco Trade", Široki Brijeg
  • "PROMINVEST", Konjic
  • "Granit Mont", Jablanica
  • "Metal Ferrum", Stolac


  • Hospicij, Ljubuški
  • Upravna zgrada "Eronet", Grude
  • Crkva Presvetog trojstva, Blagaj
  • Starački dom, Ravno
  • Stambeno-poslovni objekt Rodoč
  • "BIO d.o.o." Čitluk


  • Tržni centar "Piramida", Mostar
  • Gradske prometnice u Mostaru
  • Kružni tok Tromeđa, Međugorje
  • Hospicij "st. Joseph the Worker, Ljubuški
  • "Telemach", polaganje vodova
  • "Eronet", bazne stanice širom BiH

Church in ancient city of Blagaj

After obtaining all the necessary permits during the first half of 2010, work could begin. The renovation started in the fall of 2010 and in the spring of 2013 works on the interior decoration of the church began. The project was completed and on the Holy Trinity celebration the local bishop dr. Ratko Perić blessed the altar.

The company Bemer d.o.o. has participated throughout the process, from making the necessary documentation (including design) and supervision over reconstruction and renovation. Throughout the process, the company achieved excellent communication with representatives of the parish, and in particular with the Federal Ministry of Spatial Planning responsible for heritage monument objects. Design and oversight of the renovation of this facility required exceptional expertise and precision as the facility needs to be reconstructed without departing from the original project. During the reconstruction process, the services of top experts (external associates) in this area were also used.

Mall Piramida

For the past thirty years in the world, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is a trend of building large shopping centers and the dismantling of small shops. These are mostly modern reinforced concrete structures with a range of retail stores and other service facilities of different industries.  They usually house facilities such as fitness centers, hairdressers and beauty salons, restaurants, dinners, cinemas etc.

One such facility was TC Piramida Mostar, whose complete construction was expertly supervised by Bemer d.o.o. During the construction of the building it was necessary to react promptly and to solve weary challenging problems we encountered, which we successfully completed and the facility was completed in time and opened to the public in 2009.

Austro-Hungarian Villa "Kraš" MostarAUSTRO-HUNGAIAN VILLA ‘’KRAŠ’’ MOSTAR

The company Bemer d.o.o. signed the contract with the City of Mostar for expert supervision over the reconstruction and renovation of several city facilities that were damaged in the last war.

One that we specially like is the Austro-Hungarian villa from the 19th century called "Kraš" known to all Mostar inhabitants. Supervision over the renovation of this facility required exceptional expertise and precision since the facade of the villa had numerous ornaments and stuccowork that needed to be reconstructed without deviation from the original project so that it would reemerge in its full splendor.


Hospice is a palliative care institution whereby the best possible quality of life is provided to its residents until they pass away. In this case, it is about the Hospice of Divine Grace in Ljubuški.

The company Bemer d.o.o. has participated in the Hospice construction project from the very beginning. We started from the idea project and based on it and taking into account the wishes of the Investor we made the final and execution project plans. After getting all the necessary approvals in 2012, the construction of the facility started. Bemer d.o.o. acted according to the law, strictly adhering to the rules of the profession and insisting on the quality of the works and the built-in equipment. The property is successfully completed and open to the satisfaction of all especially Investors.

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